Since decades, the illegal forest exploitation has been going on in east and south-east of Afghanistan and has been accepted as an open secret, but during the war following the Russians invasion the exploitation intensified. 

In other parts of Afghanistan, local people exploited the plants for their own use. Unfortunately, today these plants are also victims of foreign traders. Main reason, plants are the source of survival of these people and they are completely unaware of the future impact of these cutting on their livelihood. 

Nonnea Medik(Yaralang, Pashto and Dari)

It exists more than 5 species of Nonnea Medik. in Afghanistan*, **

Massive export to Pakistan (according to a member of UNEP, 2014).

Nonnea kandaharensis H. Riedl., Collection: K.H. Rechinger (G), Photo: N. Chervet, MJBC, 2016
Nonnea Medik. Sold by Attars in Kabul, Kot-e-Sangi. Koch-e Qala-e Wahed, Photo: M. Alam, 2013