Dr. Mohammad Alam from the Botanical Museum of Lausanne in Switzerland has generously donated a book and numbers of his reprints, pamphlets, and technical reports. Trees and Shrubs of Afghanistan: A Dendrological Guide (530 pgs.) is in English, beautifully printed and profusely illustrated.  A reprint in English entitled Plant Collectors in Afghanistan, tells us that collectors and naturalists were attracted by Afghanistan’s flora as early as 1833 when J.M. Honigberger led a mission here. The pamphlets, in French, deal with specific plants such as figs, pistachio and pomegranates. ACKU’s collections have been significantly enriched by this kind donation by Dr. Alam.

Readers are invited to join Afghanii Boottii which is devoted to the research, protection and promotion of forestry in Afghanistan.

Pictured : Mrs. Nancy Hatch Dupree, Director of Afghan Centre, Kabul University, and Mohammad Alam.